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  Marc Wandschneider travels a lot

Welcome to This is my little place on the Intarnets for showing people (mostly nervous family) where I've been and what I've been doing. I've traveled around the world a bunch over the last decade, visiting a couple dozen places, and even managing to live in a good 4-5 of them along the way.

I'm currently in Beijing, China, where I had only intended to spend six months, but am somehow now well into my fourth year here. I've set a goal of fluency in the local langauge before leaving, so who knows how long that will take!

A number of people were asking about the old motorcycle trip to Europe, in 1999. I've finally gone and reinstated that portion of the website. You can see it at

As always, please feel free to send me messages and comments at

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No way! It snowed after all!
With one of the driest winters in years in Beijing, it seemed as though we'd never get any snow. But thanks to the city governments used of weather seeding artillery, we managed to squeeze in a couple of small snowfalls, including one while I was here.
Ima get kidnapped by the mafia in Catania, Italy
A friend of mine from Beijing is back in her hometown of Catania, Sicily, for a few weeks, so I took advantage of dirt cheap airfare on EasyJet to head down for 48 hours and check it out.
My first trip ever to Turin!
I've never been to Turin before, so I hopped in my friend's Smart car and roared on over there for a day trip. It's a gritty working class city (huge factories nearby), but has a simply gorgeous downtown historical centre.
Milano, 10 years later
First time I've been back in Milan since 2001 or so. Went on a marathon wander fest, looking for China-town and drinking entirely too much coffee.
Spring Skiing in the Swiss Alps
Skiing in Switzerland? What better time to hit the Alpine slopes and do some good mid-winter skiing in Crans-Montana? Well, apparently ANY other time, because this year in early Feb it was 10C and there was no snow. But it's Switzerland, so it still rocks.
Back to Italy, Varese
After nearly six years of not visiting, my friends in Italy convinced me that I needed to go back and spend some time in the north of the country. I'm very glad I took their advice!
A couple of weekends (and a week) in Shanghai
It's been 7.5 years since my last trip to Shanghai, and nearly three since I've been promising my friend I'd go visit him. It finally happened, as I spent a couple of weekends in Shanghai wandering around, programming, and eating.
Xi'an, Guerilla Style!
Guerilla tourism in action; quick weekend trip to Xi'an was called for. Haven't been doing much traveling lately and that's been bumming me out, so I decided to hit a few cool cities and see what happened.
Business in San Francisco
Business trip to San Francisco, one of the cooler places in the United States to hang out for a week. I ended up staying in an apartment of some people met over a couch-surfing type website, and between meetings managed to get a tonne of walking done.
Beijing's Fragrant Hills
I had been hoping for good weather this weekend so I could finally go and check out the 香山 park in Beijing, otherwise known as Fragrant Hills. Gorgeous weather meant you could see the entire city.
The waaaaay out west end of Beijing
Apparently my long walk of two days prior was neither long enough nor far out west enough, so I hopped a subway to 八宝山 and then walked east to near the east third ring road. Saw a few neat things along the way.
Getting Lost on the West siiii-iiiide.
Three day holiday to celebrate mid-autumn festival, so like any other normal person, I decide to go on a 20km walk through the west part of Beijing. Didn't really intend to walk that far, but got to see lots of cool stuff.
Some quick Beijing shots
Been doing some wandering around the hutongs of Beijing lately. Here are some nice shots from in there.
Back to Montreal
Although I went to university here for four years, I somehow managed to never explore Montreal very much. This is the first time I've ever been there during the summer. I really enjoyed it.
The mistiest day ever; Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is not so far from Toronto that you can't make a half-day trip of it, so we hopped in the car and sped down there. Although it was gorgeous out, the wind was up and the mist was everywhere, so we couldn't see much and got soaked!
A few days in Toronto
It's been a very long time since I've spent any real time in Toronto, so it was nice to spend a few days here again. Really quite a different place from the city I left 21 years ago, but plenty of new things to explore.
Hanging out on the Bruce
Time for the annual trip back to Canuckistan to visit the family. Life out on the Bruce Peninsula is always a bit interesting; there's electricity, good cell reception, and better Internet than I get here in China, but no plumbing.
Hutong Photography Tour
I signed up to attend a full day little photography workshop today in Beijing's hutongs. It was an opportunity to wander around and see some of my favourite places in Beijing, make some new friends, as well as get learn some tips and tricks about taking photos.
Ditan Music Festival
After the mess with the festival the previous weekend, I was a bit nervous to go to another, but some friends went to the Ditan Folk Music Festival this weekend, so I joined them. You could bring your own food and drinks, and what resulted was an entirely relaxing afternoon with baguette, salami, and wine. Oh, and music.
Strawberry Music Festival 2010
The Strawberry Music Festival this year was every bit as bad as last year's was good. Disaster and organisational problems abounded aplenty, and getting a drink was something of an ordeal. But the music was good, and it's never a bad idea to hang out on the grass with friends in the sun.
Ritan Park and Yabaolu, 4 years later
When I first moved to Beijing in 2006, I lived in Yabaolu, the old Soviet / Russian neighbourhood. I would walk around there and the nearby Ritan park and take pictures. I got a new camera recently, so I went back to check it out. What a difference 4 years make!
Day Trip to Chengde
Chengde is a few hundred kilometres to the north of Beijing. It's a pretty small town in Hebei province, but is famous for their Qing Dynasty summer palace complex and the 8 temples surrounding it. We decided to make a day trip of it and spend a Saturday there.
A weekend up in Harbin, China (aka Brrr) (2 reports)
Harbin is China's coldest provincial capital, and most famous for its annual Ice Festival. It's a bit tricky to get train tickets up here in the winter, since everybody wants to come and check it out, but we finally got everything organised enough this to do it.
Snow. In Beijing. Like, Lots of it!
Every winter since I've been here in Beijing, it's snowed. Once (okay, one year 1.5x). About 1.5cm of snow falls down in late December, is black by day's end, and is gone by day 2. So, imagine our shock this year when not two days after the temperature had been about 18C, we suddenly got about 12cm of snow. Awesome!
Remnants of the National Day Parade
Since most people didn't get to see the National Day parade personally on October 1st this year, they put a lot of the floats and remnants of the parade in Tiananmen Square for a month so the locals could see things in person. It seemed like a good idea to make a nice long walk of it down to the city centre to check things out.
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